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Are there any last minute yacht charters? Are there any last minute yacht charters? Hot

Are there any last minute yacht charters?

Though most charter parties chartering a yacht for the summer planned their getaways at least six months in advance, many top-quality boats are still available for charter. Most people do not realize that yachts are always available to charter on short notice, which plans luxury yacht trips.

The bulk of people doing a yacht trip do plan in advance, but there are many last-minute cancellations that free up fantastic yachts, or there are a few weeks here and there when boats simply don't get booked, even in the prime months.

The prime months are July and August, and prime destinations include the Mediterranean, Southern Caribbean and South Pacific.

In the past few years, renting a yacht has become the hottest kind of summer vacation, as a result, there are more destinations where it's possible to do yacht charter.

Charter prices range from $2500 a week to upwards of one million dollars a week. The price varies depending on the size of the boat, the amenities and number of staff on board.

If you prefer a flashy yacht rental in the heart of the Italian Riviera. Go for the head-turning Aicona 85, known as "The Ferrari of yachts."

This boat travels between 40 and 50 miles an hour compared to 10 to 15 miles an hour for most yachts.

The Aicon can accommodate six guests and has three cabins and a large salon with plasma televisions with surround-sound systems. The spacious deck has a bar, a dining area and a sound system with a fully loaded IPod plus.

This boat is available for the month of August and costs $58000 a week. Charter parties can water ski, and Jet Ski on the glamorous shores of the Italian Riviera, bask in the sun, explore the port cities of Elba and Sardinia or rub elbows with famous persons and other celebrities that frequent these stunning cruising areas during the summer.

As the popularity of yacht charter has grown, boats amenities have become more sophisticated.

"Now, it's more common to have amenities like Wi-Fi, Blueray, spas and beauty salons on board,"

"That was not always the case."

The M/Y Elegant, for example, boasts a beauty salon and a staff of 30 that includes a culinary team and a pianist. The ship also has satellite television, Internet connectivity, expansive dining areas, a massage room and an outdoor Jacuzzi.

With 15 bedrooms that have king-size beds, this yacht can accommodate 30 guests (most yachts only accommodates 12).

It's available from August 10 onward and sails along either the Dalmatian Coast in Croatia, dubbed the new Rivera, or around the Greek Islands.

You can also look for good deals in the Southern and Western Caribbean where prices still are reasonable.


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