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The history of Yacht Charter

In 1949, Harry S Truman was beginning his second term in the White House, "South Pacific" was a success on Broadway.

The world was starting to heal its wounds after the second ward war.

In March of 1949, Commander Vernon E. B. Nicholson had arrived in English Harbour Antigua in the 70-foot sailboat Mollihawk with his wife, Emmy, and two sons, Desmond and Rodney.

The Commander had always wanted to return to the West Indies because of the constant trade wind, always claiming that it was the only possible place to get to cocktail parties on time to any small island!. The Commander Vernon Nicholson, O.B.E., Royal Navy, and his family found the old naval dockyard abandoned and deserted.

Only the gentle breeze, the clear waters, and the stillness of days gone by, was broken only by the sound of shutters banging at the windows of the aged, roofless buildings.

In those days, only a single plane made weekly stops in Antigua, and it wasn't long before members of the newly established Mill Reef Club were asking to charter the MOLLIHAWK for trips to neighboring islands. Word spread about the hospitality of the Nicholson?s and the pleasures of cruising on the MOLLIHAWK. And so, in the blue waters of the Caribbean, the first yacht charter company was born. Nelson's Dockyard at English Harbor was slowly being transformed from a ghost yard to a thriving center for the chartering industry, and today Antigua it is the most import center of yacht charter in the world, every year organizing Antigua race and charter week. Of course since then Yachting in the West Indies has been chronicled - and promoted - by the American metropolitan boating magazines, beginning at the turn of the last century with The Rudder and Yachting. In the 1970s came Sail and in the 1980s Cruising World magazine.

But today Internet has changed that and now new and virgin cruising grounds can easily be discovered by those who want to discover new charter destinations.

At we try hard to combine the best of our experiences doing crewed Yacht Charter with hundreds of clients all the way from being deck hand, cook, captain and desktop yacht charter salesman, now offering the most extensive listings of Charter Yachts in the world, with VIP class service. From sail to power, yachts to mega yachts, we offer what you are looking for.

We almost cover any top yacht charter destinations in the World making every place you ever want to cruise a reality; the Mediterranean, the Caribbean (south and north), South Pacific, South America. Our Crew and partners are all a like, they have all been working or related to a Charter boat and sailing, including sailing across oceans, maintenance and passion, now using all that to run an international travel company.

We know many of the yachts, the crews, and the destinations. We always spend a tremendous amount of time attending boat shows all over the world, inspecting yachts and interviewing crews, with the Antigua Charter Week held in December as our favorite. Let us know what you like, and we will make it happen.

Our small and reasonably commission are paid by the Yachts, so our help, service and attention is free for you. For further information and reservation!

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